Packaging to point of purchase displays

When offered a clear cup or a traditional opaque plastic cup, consumers chose the clear cup. There is also the perception that clarity translates to cleanliness. Customers want to feel that while they are getting a bargain with a plastic product, they are buying something that is more high-end. when clear, are seen as classier, premium products. Water clear resins are readily available. Once more, clear plastic scored 70% higher in length of time the product was examined and 89% higher in actual purchase. Why are more manufacturers changing to clear plastic as opposed to the basic opaque or solid color types? It’s mostly due to sales. From packaging to point of purchase displays to housewares, plastic is prevalent. A food company considering replacing traditional cans for clear plastic containers recently hired a market research company. In today’s market, many consumer products are made from plastic. Many molders and OEMs believe that their are limits on what material is available and that resin manufacturers cannot produce resins tailored to the needs of their product. The bottom line is that consumers are driving the shift to clears. Again, clarity is perceived, from a retail customer’s point of view, as cleaner and of a higher quality than a dull or cloudy counterpart. Plastic housewares such as cups, drink ware, plates, beverage dispensers, baby bottles, etc. Resorts are using clear plastic glassware to keep the classy look and feel of fine crystal, but eliminate the risk of breakage and injury that comes with glass at a poolside. China UPVC Butterfly Valve Suppliers They discovered that customers equate clear packaging with higher quality. When BPA issues were brought into focus, most of the products they saw on the news were the traditional opaque and solids. In another study, consumers wore glasses that tracked where they looked and the length of time focused on each object. This study was completed on product packaged in clear plastic versus cardboard, specifically electric razors. There are many offerings in the market for water clear resins. So, the value in water-clear plastics is increased retail sales due to a brighter, more appealing “look” on the retail shelf. Some actually process better and easier than their traditional counterparts. When choosing material, companies look for ease of process, environmental footprint, cost of material, production costs and the requirements of the application. Consumers also consider the clarity as a better choice health-wise. They mold easily into tableware that mimics crystal, such as champagne flutes, wineglasses, vases, plates and all forms of glassware. As a result, they feel safer buying a water clear product.

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